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Hand-Painted Denim Jackets

Hand-Painted Denim Jackets

Paneni's hand-painted denim jackets are a killer style statement in all seasons. Pair it up with a tank top or a turtle neck, it just looks good every time. Shop and customise for designs that feel personal to you or get your denim jacket customised!
denim jacket, men, rock and roll

The Beatles

Hand Painted Denim Jacket - Ew People denim, women

Ew, people.

Black Denim Jacket Hand Painted by Paneni denim jacket, men

One Life

Shop Blue Denim Jacket for men Led Zepplin denim jacket,

Led Zepplin


Customise with art you like and colours you want!

Let's do this!
denim jacket, men

Guns N' Roses

Shop Black Denim Jacket for Men denim jacket, men


denim jacket, men, rock and roll

Pink Floyd

Hand Painted Denim Jackets bang bang 1 Out of stock

bang bang

Shop Light Blue Denim Jacket for Men denim jacket, men

The Bad

denim jacket, sale, women Out of stock


On sale ₹1,400.00

Get in touch with us and get your own design customized with Paneni today!

Let's do this
denim jacket, sale, women Out of stock

Dancing Shoes

On sale ₹1,400.00
denim jacket, sale, women Out of stock

Born to be free

On sale ₹1,400.00
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denim and paint, oof.

Paneni's hand-painted denim jackets feature all kinds of art. We love painting on SuperHero themes, retro-pop, Japanese art, Quotes, Dragons and so much more. We also fancy using hand-embroidered patches which we like to add to our jackets. Our best selling items are our vintage comic book themes or our retro-pop art painted at the back. Our Denim jackets are also designer, because of no one owning the same piece as you, making it special.
Our denim jackets are repurposed from brands, by which we mean to say, we always give you a fresh new piece, and provide excellent quality denim. This also helps us as a brand to be sustainable towards our planet Earth.
We have styled a couple of our denim jackets in our blogs because a little bit of inspiration goes a really long way. Head over and read a couple of articles.
If you have something on your mind and you want us to customise it for you, we're here for you! Reach us out and let us make for you, your own very special piece.

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