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Mon-Sun, 9am-5pm

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"one in a million" 
PSHHHHHH  NO, it is finally time to come to the acceptance that there is only one of you, and that truly does make you special. Here, at Paneni, we want you to go that extra bit and treat yourself to a piece of hand-painted art that only you own. 

With us, you can design Dupattas, Denim Jackets, Sarees, Kurta, Jeans, Shorts, Shirts and just about anything that pleases you! We make sure that we stay with you for each step of the way for your order! From the colour of cloth, size and the art- WE GOT YOU COVERED. Award-winning artist Neetu Sharma and her team of dedicated artists make sure, you get exactly what you have on mind. 

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Make a statement. 

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