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Remy the Chef


Inspired by Ratatouille, we made this hand-embroidered jacket for all those who love to cook! The small embroidered artwork has been embroidered into the jacket itself and is not a patch! It makes for a sober, all-day wear jacket!
Shop this jacket if you love to cook or for a special someone who fed you something wonderful with that extra ingredient - love! 

This hand-embroidered jacket has been hand-crafted by Paneni's in-house artists with love! The jacket also sports two pockets on the outside and two secret pockets on the inside (more pockets, fewer problems) 

Fabric for the denim jacket feels thick and does not stretch, it is quality fabric sourced from Bangalore! We believe in giving you the best possible product and making it with utmost love. You deserve that and nothing lesser. 

Fabric Composition: 100% cotton
Denim Jacket Colour: Light Blue - Ice Wash
Fit: Men

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