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Hand-Painted Silk Dupattas

Hand-Painted Silk Dupattas

We're not sure how to explain how beautiful a hand-painted silk dupatta really looks, so we're leaving it to you. You figure it out. Got an idea for your own dupatta? Get it customised with Paneni. 
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Tulips II

silk blue hand-painted dupatta


silk dupatta with tassels

mor pankh


Customise with art you like and colours you want!

Let's do this!

wild flowers

Hand Painted Denim Jackets birds of paradise 1

birds of paradise

Hand Painted Denim Jackets morni 2


Hand Painted Denim Jackets amrit 1


Hand Painted Denim Jackets svarn 1


hand-painted yellow silk Dupatta



Get in touch with us and get your own design customized with Paneni today!

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Hand Painted Denim Jackets stree 1


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Like all kings have different names, so does our Royal Fabric Silk

Silk fabric, the most royal fabric, also known as 'Paat' in East India, Pattu in South India and Resham in North India, is a natural fibre produced from the cocoons of the mulberry silkworm.

 It's a no-brainer, silk can be worn with so many different fabrics that is one of the most versatile fabrics out there. Paneni’s dupattas have been painted on Bangalore silk, Gheecha Silk and Tussar Silk. 

Bangalore Silk is soft and smooth to touch, often the most common type of silk to be worn in India. Tussar Silk has a lot more texture than Banglore silk but is made with the finest quality of thread and silk. Gheecha silk is the leftover silk which is not added to tussar silk and has a lot of texture. None the less still makes for a beautiful dupatta!  

 We've painted them on different soft, light and pastel shades so that you can pair them with as many different things as possible. Wrap them around your neck, or let them flow, wear them with lehengas and long skirts or as a stole with cotton pants. The possibilities are endless.

 Just make sure, you have one of these, because these dupattas are just one of kind, as each piece is different.

 The designs on our silk dupattas are contemporary! So perhaps style them with some closet. staples- a long white kurta, a churidar, a pair of nude pumps and some silver bangles. To finish the look, maybe try adding a hint of colour to your eyes in the same shade of the dupatta and some nude lipstick.

 If you have something on your mind and you want us to paint it for you, you can customise with Paneni!

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