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Hand-Painted Chanderi Dupattas

Hand-Painted Chanderi Dupattas

Feel luxury with Paneni's hand-painted chanderi dupattas. The dupattas have ethnic designs mostly, because of it's ethnic and traditional feel. You can find dupattas in all subtle shades, but off-white just seems to a crowd favourite! Customise your dupatta with us today!


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Chanderi dupattas

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What's so special about Chanderi?

In all the time we've worked with chanderi, it is one of the softest cloth we've painted on. Chanderi feels delicate as a cloth but also a fabric with character. Off-white dupattas just matched up with any coloured Kurti, without a doubt always look fantastic! Chanderi dupattas fit in perfectly for the phrase, "carefully casual."
Chanderi fabric is a mix of cotton, silk and chanderi. Paneni always brings to you a really fine quality fabric because we want you to feel luxury and comfort with our dupattas.
In our opinion, since the fabric feels traditional and so very ethnic, we like to pair them up with bold silver earrings, juttis, palazzos and our very favourite-bindis, some black kohl and red lipstick to complete the look. Us Indian Women, with our beautiful skin tones from wheatish and dusky to brown and chocolaty, just nail the look each time. We might make statement dupattas, but you're the one who makes the statement.
If you have something on your mind, and you wanted something fit for your outfit, you can customise with Paneni! We'd love to make something special for you. 

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