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Floral Hand-Painted Dupattas

Floral Hand-Painted Dupattas

Our floral hand painted dupattas are inspired by leaves, birds and of course flowers, as we see them as the most delicate but strongest life-givers. Get your own dupatta customised.

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Tulips II


wild flowers


Customise with art you like and colours you want!

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birds of paradise



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morning glory

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Get in touch with us and get your own design customized with Paneni today!

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Hand painted white dupatta online


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oooh-flowers and more flowers?

In our floral collection, we were inspired by flowers, leaves, branches and birds!
We have always been so inspired by floral themes because we believe plants, flowers, trees, leaves and branches are one of the strongest life-givers.
It takes appreciation to see the beauty in leaves. A classic flower like a lotus inspires us because so much because it’s lives in dirty murky water and still turns out to be so beautiful.
Branches are not only the life-blood of trees but also homes of so many small animals. We honestly can't get enough of the birds, when they're hopping around from one place to another!

Our floral collection, we have painted on silk, linen, kota-doriya and organza. The dupattas are contemporary, and we like to mismatch our dupattas in all ways, be it jeans and a white shirt or a suit with heavy embroidery work.

You will see lotuses, morning glory, roses, lilies as themes on our dupattas in all the primary colours so that you can play around with them with more than one piece of clothing. We have dupattas with leaves in different colours and dupattas with branches and birds on them.

We've styled our dupattas in our blog, so head over and look for some good ideas. If you have your ideas, we can't wait to hear them. If you have an idea for your own dupatta, and you want us to paint it for you, then what are you waiting for? WE'RE A CALL AWAY!  Reach us here.

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